Albufeira Travel Blog

Since I have been to Albufeira, Portugal 3 times now (and going back in a few months!), I thought I would help people who are going and need some tips about good places to eat etc…

but before I get into it, I will tell you a bit about the town of ALBUFEIRA.

Albufeira is a city situated at the very bottom of Portugal, in the region of Algarve. Algarve is the southernmost point in Portugal. The city’s population has quadrupled in size since the 00s and it is now home to around 50,000 people. It has became a popular tourist attraction for holiday makers.

The touristy areas are divided in two parts, ‘The Strip’ and ‘The Old Town’.


The Strip is a very nightlife oriented area, aimed for young adults, and is full of bars, nightclubs and karaoke clubs.


The Old Town is more aimed for families and people who aren’t so into the party lifestyle. In the middle of it, there is a square which usually will have some type of entertainment in it, may it be singers, puppeteers, dancers. But like the Strip there is also bars and restaurants, which would be more child friendly.

During the day, both of these places are lovely to go and have a walk around the shops and grab a bite to eat.

I feel like this may be a bit too long already, so I think that’s going to be it for this blog post! If you want to hear more about ALBUFEIRA, please send me a message on instagram and I will do a blog post on the shops and the beaches in the city. Thank you so much for reading and if you would like to see more from me please follow me on instagram @blogswithniamh!



What’s in my Bag?!

Hi everyone,

so annoyingly, my old instagram (@_mylifeasniamh) got hacked and wouldn’t let me log in, so i had to make a new one. So before you continue reading this, please go follow my new instagram account @_blogswithniamh_ 🙂

Today I am going to be writing up a whats in my bag, i will be showing my bag and all the stuff i take with me in it when i go shopping or go out somewhere at the weekend.

So the bag I have is a mini purple backpack that I got in a shop called ‘NV’. I like using backpacks rather than regular handbags as they are handier to carry on your back and won’t hurt your arm from holding it all day. It also means if it’s on your back, more room for shopping bags in your arms!!

So, for what i keep in my bag:

  • Earphones – when i am going a car, bus, train journey i have to have my earphones. these are definitely a must-have for me, and the kind i use are apple earpods btw!
  • Portable charger – essential for me as my phones battery is being really messed up! (i need to stop forgetting to get it fixed). anyone who is thinking of getting one of these, you 100% do, they are amazing!
  • Purse – i obviously need to take my purse if i am going somewhere, not much to say about this one!
  • Makeup – i don’t take all my makeup with me, but lipstick and pressed powder is essential as i get oily fast and lipstick for touch ups during the day.
  • Hand sanitizer – so you always feel clean when your out and about!

So that is all i can think i normally have with me in bag! thank you for reading and hope you return to read the next blog! Also check out my other blogs and my other social medias linked in my home page!

Niamh XO


Hi everyone, so today I went into town with my mum and bought a few bits so I thought I would make a blog out of it. Hope you enjoy and maybe get some style inspo from it!

First thing i bought was this gorgeous, bright blue jumper from H&M. It’s oversized but fitted around the bottom so it’s not too baggy and cropped, so it will go nice with a pair of jeans and boots as we head in spring.

H&M £24.99

This is a lovely little top I found hiding in the rack in Primark. It has a nice aztec design and is in khaki green (I know it looks grey in the picture, trust me it’s not). This would go with a pair of jeans for a casual day to day look.

Primark £8

Next thing I got is this pink and black adidas bag for if I am ever staying overnight somewhere. It always handy to have a bag like this lying around incase you ever need it, and it was on sale too!

Sports Direct £16.99 (on sale)

And last but not least, I got a khaki green puffer jacket/coat from Primark. I already have this coat in red, navy and maroon, so I thought I may as well add to the collection. These coats are so handy to wear anywhere and are really warm. And at the cheap price they are, you can’t beat them! They also come in so many different colours. I highly recommend these!

Primark £15

So I hope you all enjoyed my shopping haul. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @_mylifeasniamh and on Pinterest @mylifeasniamh❤️

My January Favourites!

So, it is finally February. Am I the only one who thinks it feels like January lasted FOREVER!! To celebrate the end of that cold, depressing, dark month I’m going to name some of my favourites throughout the month!

  1. Cory Airspun Loose Face Powder. This stuff is amazing for baking your face or setting your makeup. But don’t use too much or you will turn into a ghost if you take a flashback picture!
  2. My Hooded Throw. I got a hooded throw for Christmas and it is AMAZING. It’s practically a blanket but it has a hood which is even better. It keeps me cosy all day and best of all… the hood is Winnie the Pooh! Lets just say I wasn’t out of this last month ❤
  3. Cloud Nine Straighteners. These are so good that I was obsessed with them January 2017, January 2018 and probably for the rest of my life. These straighten your hair so well, turn off by themselves after 30 seconds and let you change the temperature. Deffo recommend!
  4. Oversized Sweaters. There is nothing better than pulling on a big, cuddly jumper with your jeans. A casual yet stylish look, you can’t go wrong with this in the winter months!

So, that is some of my January favourites 2018. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. Don’t forget to follow me on my instagram @_mylifeasniamh and on my pinterest mylifeasniamh. Byeeeee xxx

My Top 5 Make-up Products

Hi everyone! This is my first ever blog I’ve ever done so I thought that I would do it on something I love… makeup! So, today I am going to be telling you about my top 5 makeup products!

  1. The LMD BPerfect Master Palette – This palette is amazing! It contains 12 very pigmented eyeshadows, 10 matte and 2 shimmer. In the middle, it has a blush, a contour shade and a highlight. My 3 favourite things from the palette is the highlight shade called ‘hi-lite’, this makes you GLOW LIKE THE GODS, no exaggeration. Second is the eyeshadow shade in ‘Coco’ which is a beautiful brown shade perfect for the crease, it is also very blendable which is a huge bonus. Last I would have to choose the shimmery eyeshadow in a beautiful shining silvery white shade called ‘beam.
  2. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation – Giving my honest opinion on this foundation, it is my absolute favourite! It gives me full-medium coverage and a dewy finish. It helps control my oily skin and erases my pores. The bad thing is that it isn’t 25 hour, it gets flaky and patchy after a while, but who would wear foundation for 25 hours anyway? Apart from that, this foundation is AMAZING!!!
  3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer – WOW. How I would describe this bronzer. Its perfect from giving your face a sun kissed glow, I use it on my forehead, cheekbones and jawline to give me a bit of definition. If your looking for a bronzer, please try this!
  4. Becca Highlight in ‘Opal’ – This is a lovely highlight if you want something in between subtle and glowing like the sun. I use this on my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and my eyebrow bone to make the high points stand out. Pricey but worth it in my opinion.
  5. Real Techniques Brushes – Now I don’t have all these brushes, but I have few sets and they are really good! I got the sculpt set for Christmas and I use the fan brush daily for my highlight and the setting brush also on the daily for setting my under eye concealer. They aren’t too pricey at all which is even better!


So, hope you all enjoyed my top 5 makeup products and maybe get some ideas from this! Thanks for reading xoxo

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